Adrián Nerja

Curriculum Vitae

March 2022

Personal and contact information

Birth: Spain | June 1988
Address: Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Orihuela (Las Salesas), Plaza de Las Salesas, s/n, 03300 ORIHUELA (Alicante)
Contact: [email protected]

Academic positions

2020-Date   Posdoctoral Fellow, Department of Economic and Financial Studies, University of Miguel Hernandez
2020-Date   Part-time Lecturer, Department of Economic and Financial Studies, University of Miguel Hernandez
2015-2019   Predoctoral Fellow, Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia


2019    Ph.D. in Industrial Economics, University of Valencia
2012    MA in Industrial Economics, University of Valencia
2011    BA in Business Management, University of Miguel Hernandez

Research activity

Research interests

Industrial Organization, Transportation, Microeconomics

Research visits

2017 (Sept – Dec)    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Journal articles

  1. Nerja, A (2021). Exclusivity in concession revenue sharing contracts. Journal of Air Transport Management. 
  2. Sánchez, M., Belso-Martínez, J., López-Sánchez, M. J., Nerja, A (2021). Incentives to exclusive and non-exclusive technology licensing under partial vertical integration. The Manchester School.
  3. Nerja, A. & Sánchez, M. (2021). The effects of concession revenue sharing contracts in airport competition. Economics of Transportation
  4. Nerja, A. (2021). An efficiency analysis of Spanish airports. International Journal of Transport Economics, 13-38.
  5. Nerja, A. (2021). Can airlines parallel alliances be welfare improving?. Available at SSRN 3963734.
  6. Sánchez, M., Nerja, A., Belso-Martinez, J. A., & López-Sánchez, M. J. (2022). Corporate Social Responsibility Externalities in a Bilateral Monopoly Model. Available at SSRN 4000935.
  7. Nerja, A., & Sánchez, M. (2022). The Small Investors in Rental Property: A Socioeconomic and Financial Analysis. Available at SSRN 4052823.

Presentation at conferences and workshops

2017    Workshop on Industrial Economics, University of Valencia, (Valencia, Spain)
2017    ITEA Annual Conference (Barcelona, Spain)
2017    5th PhD Student Workshop in Industrial and Public Economics – WIPE (Reus, Spain)

External referee activity

Journal of Economic Issues

Teaching activity

Degree in Business Administration and Management

  • Introduction to Financial Management: 20/21 Orihuela, 21/22 Elche and Orihuela, University of Miguel Hernandez
  • Microeconomics, 17/18, University of Valencia


2022    English C1 TOEFL Certificate
2022    Acreditted to Assistant Professor by ANECA
2020    The International Journal of Transport Economics Prize 2020
2017    Predoctoral visit scholarship from MINECO
2014    PhD Scholarship (4 years) from MINECO