Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

The Impact of Revenue-Sharing Contracts on Parallel Shipping Alliances.

Transport Economics and Management, December 2023
Nerja, A., & Sánchez, M.

Can airlines parallel alliances be welfare improving?

Transportation Research Part A – Policy and Practice, January 2023.
Adrián Nerja

Exclusivity in concession revenue sharing contracts.

Journal of Air Transport Management, March 2022.
Adrián Nerja

The effects of concession revenue sharing contracts in airport competition. 

Economics of Transportation, December 2021.
Nerja, A. & Sánchez, M.

Incentives to exclusive and non-exclusive technology licensing under partial vertical integration.

The Manchester School, November 2021.
Sánchez, M., Belso-Martínez, J., López-Sánchez, M. J., Nerja, A.

An efficiency analysis of Spanish airports.

International Journal of Transport Economics, March 2021
Adrián Nerja


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